1) Are all STEM Foundation students eligible to apply for allowances?

Yes, all students can apply. However, PASTEM will screen first, and only students with family incomes less than RM10,959 will be sent to the Ministry of Higher Education (KPT).

2) I have financial issues. Can I apply to defer the registration fee payment?

Students can pay at a minimum rate (with approval from the UMT Treasurer) and fill in an installment agreement form. Please feel free to bring any issues to the secretariat for help.

3) Can I apply for a study verification letter from PASTEM for a scholarship from the State Foundation?

Students can use the offer letter from PASTEM to apply for scholarship.

4) I am qualified for KPT allowance due to parental income below RM10,959. If I pay the minimum rate first, will the outstanding fee be deducted from the allowance received?

Yes. Any outstanding fees will be deducted from the student’s allowance.

5) I want to inquire about the photo on the ID card. Do Chinese female students need to tie their hair?

Ensure a neat appearance. For Malay male students, kopiah is not allowed, but songkok is permissible. Turbans are allowed for Sikh students.

6) Who can verify salary slips? Can the finance department of my parents’ company verify or can I ask for verification from the principal/headmaster?

The principal/headmaster is eligible to verify the parents’ salary slips, along with any recognized officers (from Management and Professional Group).

7) Can I open a bank account other than CIMB?

Yes, but students are encouraged to open a CIMB account since KPT allowances are disbursed to CIMB accounts. Additionally, at the Bachelor’s level, students will need a CIMB account for PTPTN.

8) I’ve received another offer and want to accept it. Can I apply for a refund of the fees paid to the UMT Treasurer?

Yes, within the specified period. Students need to provide a letter to the UMT Treasurer and inform PASTEM about this.

9) Is the fee payment method only through JomPay?

Apart from JomPay, students can also directly transact with the UMT Treasurer. Ensure the correct Treasurer’s account number is used, and include the matriculation and identification numbers in the reference field.

10) After completing the STEM Foundation study, can I pursue a degree at another public university?

No, because STEM Foundation Center follows a closed system, where upon completion, students can only choose Bachelor’s programs at UMT.

11) If my parents’ income is RM11,000 with 6 dependents, can I appeal for an allowance?

Only students with parents earning RM10,959 and below are considered for the allowance by KPT, regardless of the number of dependents.

12) If I pay half of the registration fee, when is the deadline to settle the remaining balance?

Students must ensure the remaining fee is settled before the final exams of that semester. Otherwise, they won’t receive their exam results.

13) I’m from a non-science background. Can I excel in STEM Foundation courses?

Absolutely! Many non-science students from STEM Foundation excel, focusing on understanding the concepts in each course. There are also various support activities like Buddies Coaching and Mentor-Mentee programs to aid learning.

14) Can I choose Bachelor’s programs like counseling or accounting after completing STEM Foundation?

STEM Foundation’s main goal is to prepare students for STEM-based Bachelor’s programs in Science and Technology at UMT. Students are encouraged to continue within the Science and Technology fields.

15) Are classes in Asasi conducted in Malay or English?

Most subjects are taught using a mix of languages based on the instructors. However, 70-80% of instruction is in English to align with the IR 4.0 target.

16) Can I know about career paths after STEM Foundation?

UMT offers over 20 targeted degree courses in science fields like marine science and nutrition, catering to students’ interests.

17) I’m very interested in STEM Foundation, but the UMT program list doesn’t align with my interests. Can you assist?

UMT’s focus is mainly on marine science and maritime fields. However, there are science and technology courses available, including Software Engineering, Sciences (Biology, Chemistry), Food Technology, Maritime Technology, Applied Mathematics, and more. An advantage of STEM Foundation is the freedom to choose a degree program after completion without going through UPU.

18) Are all STEM Foundation students required to stay in dormitories?

Yes, all STEM Foundation students are required to stay in the provided dormitories/ residential colleges.

19) I’m an Indian student. Can I request to stay in a dormitory where all occupants are Indian?

UMT’s residential college management will arrange roommates. However, students can appeal for a transfer if the mix of nationalities affects their religious practices.

20) Is it difficult for non-pure science students to excel in STEM Foundation courses?

Not at all! Just focus and understand the concepts. Many non-science students excel and make it to the top 10 in every semester.

21) Can I purchase reference books from seniors?

Yes, it’s allowed! Students are encouraged to have reference books. However, updated notes aligned with the current syllabus will also be provided.

22) Is the certificate issued after completing STEM Foundation recognized for studies at other private universities?

The internal university foundation certificate is suitable for specific university admission criteria and is applicable for all degrees offered at UMT. However, there may be exceptions if there’s a reasonable cause, approval from both the university and STEM Foundation, and recognition of equivalence between the university’s foundation program and STEM Foundation.

23) Does UMT provide specific assistance to financially challenged students, apart from ministry allowances?

Yes, apart from ministry allowances, UMT is attentive to our students’ circumstances. Assistance like educational aid from zakat is available for financially challenged students. Additionally, outstanding students have the chance to receive scholarships throughout their studies at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.